To laugh, or not to laugh?…

I have spent a few hours really debating to myself whether to post this or not.

But even this morning I have been chatting to people who are experiencing the heart wrench that is infertility. And discussing Menopausal symptoms that are heightened for many due to being so young.

It really does affect your quality of life.

I’m the first to admit that I love a good laugh. And we may all laugh at posts/pictures/memes etc that humour our life experiences.

So right now I am having a real battle, as whilst I appreciate the funny side to this image for those who it will relate to. There is also a defiance in my heart that I am truly fed up of seeing shit like this…

So what do I do?…

I feel some responsibility to speak out for individuals in my situation. For those individuals who would really be offended and quite hurt by this. But I also understand that this condition is unknown to many, therefore is there malice involved? Probably not.

However, it is ignorant and in order to prevent some of that ignorance, awareness needs to be raised.

As someone who has to live everyday with a diagnosis, with symptoms, with hormonal imbalances, with stigma, with isolation and with infertility. I do feel the need to raise awareness that actually posts like this are not ok.

It is a reminder of what we cannot have and how having POI is so life changing!





2 thoughts on “To laugh, or not to laugh?…

  1. I know what you mean, with not knowing how to react to certain posts, or things said, or pictures, because as we are all sure nobody has the intent to actually hurt our feelings, it’s still there deep down because of the ignorance to infertility. I always struggle with wanting to be happy for someone but wanting to cry at the same time for myself and never knowing which direction to lean towards more. And I hate that. Like there’s this tiny voice inside me that says “how dare you post those adorable pictures of your perfect baby when you know I can’t have children, how rude” but then again..why shouldn’t they, because they had every right to be happy..and then I feel awful inside for even being mad! It’s all such a horrible feeling.

    You know what else I felt about this picture though? I wasn’t necessarily just thinking about my infertility…I was thinking gee, pregnancy a punishment? Menopause a punishment? I’m not sure I like that word in this picture. Because punishment means you’ve done something wrong. Is that what this original poster is saying?
    Women did something wrong?

    Things that make you go 🧐


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